5 Unique Gifts for National BFF Day

National BFF Day is coming up on June 8th! Your best friend (or friends!) is someone you definitely should be celebrating often and especially on National BFF Day!

It can be hard to find gifts that aren’t cheesy for your best friend when you’re an adult so I wanted to share a few simple ideas for you!

I love all of the fun, random “holidays” like National Peanut Butter Day on January 24 which shouldn’t be confused with National Peanut Butter LOVERS Day on March 1, National Adopt a Shelter Dog Day on April 30th or National Paper Clip Day on May 29th.

I couldn’t find who created this unofficial holiday, but it’s fun nonetheless. We all have a special friend or two in our life that we can call on no matter the time for no matter the reason! This holiday is to recognize that amazing friend and celebrate your bond.

Recognizing National BFF Day doesn’t have to be too crazy! Here are a few ways to celebrate one of the most important relationships in your life.

National BFF Day Gift Ideas

5 fun gifts for National BFF day!

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1. Send a Card to your BFF!

Is there anything better than looking through your stack of mail and in between the junk, catalogs and bill, there’s an envelope with familiar (or maybe not familiar in the days of texting and emails) handwriting on it.

I bet you rip that card open before sifting through the rest of the mail to see what kind of card and message awaits you inside!

Send that kind of feeling to your bestie! You can pick up a cute one from Etsy or make your own! But your BFF will love hearing from you no matter the occasion.

I guarantee you’ll feel just as much joy and delight sending out a surprise card in the mail and getting the text or call from your friend sharing how much it made them smile.

You're one of the only people I actually like. A cute card for your bff on national bff day!

2. Matching BFF Necklaces

Can you remember WAY back in elementary school when you got your first BFF heart necklace? Maybe it was plastic and pink and your bff spent too many moments putting them together and giggling with delight over the completed heart.

Well, good news, we’ve come a long way in BFF necklaces! Now you don’t have to send your friend a traditional heart style necklace and definitely not a pink plastic one!

In fact, DON’T, there’s so many cute ones out there! Between simple gold necklaces with each other’s initials, cute avocado style ones or even symbolic friend necklaces, there’s truly something for everyone!

What better way to make your best friend smile than through wearable love? (P.S. There’s even ones that come in 3s and 4s!)

national bff day

3. BFF Mugs

Most of us use a coffee mug every single day because let’s face it, us women love our coffee, don’t we? (Especially if you’re a mama!) And if not, your bff can always use it for tea, ice cream, or even a plant!!

There are so many different options of bff mugs, especially on etsy! There’s customizable options like the one for your bff that lives in another state and so many other cute ones.

Make sure she thinks of each you each morning with her morning coffee!

Coffee mugs to celebrate your bestie for national bff day

4. Enamel Pins

Spice up your bff’s denim jacket with a new enamel pin! Enamel pins are back on trend and such an easy way to accessorize without adding jewelry. Add it to your denim jacket, your tote bag or even your jeans!

Add to your bff’s enamel pin collection, or help her start her own with matching leaves, a squad pin or just one of encouragement. She’s sure to love it!

Best friend enamel pins!

5. A Plant

Of course I had to include plants as one of my unique gifts for your bff! No, they’re not technically a “bff” specific present but they’re fun!

You can buy the same plant for you and your bestie so you both have some accountability when it comes to watering it! 😉 That should help you both from killing it!

Start out with a pothos plant for a newbie plant girl or do a monstera plant for a seasoned one!

Give your friend a plant for national best friend day

I hope this gives you a few fun ideas to celebrate your best friend for National BFF Day. At the end of the day, it’s just nice for your friend to be recognized and acknowledge all that you’ve been through together! Even something as simple as a phone call would do just that.

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Thanks for reading!



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