95+ Minnesota Gifts – Ultimate MN Made Gift Guide (2023)

Looking for Minnesota gifts? As a MN girl I have a deep love for my state and all of the amazing brands that are from here!

So today I give you the Ultimate Minnesota Made Gift Guide! This has been a labor of love that I started in 2020 and grew and added many brands to this year (with plans to keep growing it every year!).

Inside this guide you’ll find everything from giant well known brands (like Wiley Wallaby and Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll) to smaller brands that I can’t wait to introduce you to.

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Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or just a welcome to MN gift for a new neighbor or coworker, these Minnesota gifts will definitely delight anyone on your list!

Below you’ll see 95+ gifts all from Minnesota! The majority of those are all designed, created and sold here. A handful of them work with marginalized women in other countries to create sustainable business but they’re headquartered here.

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I hope you’ll take the time to read their stories, check out their products and shop local! In a year where many events that these makers sell their products have been cancelled, I wanted to do what I could to support these amazing brands and share their stories!

A handful of these brands have sent me product to share with you which I’m sharing more in depth on my Instagram stories. Check out my MN Gift Guide highlight there to check out these brands and some fun Minnesota gifts in more detail!

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I have these Minnesota gifts broken out into different categories:

I should also note that there are SO many amazing brands that are still out there that I didn’t include on this list! I would love for you to share your favorite local MN brand in the comments so we can all be introduced to more brands.


I’ve broken all of the gift guides out to separate pages to make it easier to navigate. Simply click on the link above or any of the links below to head to each separate guide! I’ve included the gift collages so you get an idea of what’s inside each.

And without further ado, your ultimate guide to Minnesota Gifts!

Minnesota Gifts: Jewelry/Accessories/Beauty

mn made holiday gift guide beauty and accessories

Minnesota Gifts: Clothing

Whether you’re looking for MN pride tees and sweatshirts, shirts that give back either locally or abroad or just want beautifully crafted apparel made right here in MN, this section has all of it! Here’s a small selection of Minnesota gifts in the clothing and apparel category!

mn made holiday gift guide cothing

Minnesota Gifts: Home Goods

Imagine the next time someone walks in your home and compliments you on the beautiful smell or the stunning towel hanging in the bathroom only for you to share the fun story of a local MN brand who created it!

This spot has some amazing Minnesota gifts for your home with everything from trays to Turkish towels to some of the most beautiful wood art handmade right in Duluth!

mn made holiday gift guide home

Minnesota Gifts: Food & Drink

This section was one of my most favorite thing to curate because I didn’t know many of these were from Minnesota!

I also want to be sure to mention that many of our favorite restaurants (like Hyacinth in St Paul) offer gift cards and many breweries offer growlers to go. I wanted to include all of my favorite restaurants but some places prefer no gift cards while others welcome them! Just contact your favorite restaurant to ask their preference.

There’s so many ways to support local!

mn made holiday gift guide food

Minnesota Gifts: Kids Products

Last but not least, there are some amazing kid brands here in Minnesota! Many of these also have adult options so be sure to check them out for some matching apparel or accessories!

mn made holiday gift guide baby and kids

And there you have it!! I hope you loved getting to know some local brands and found some Minnesota gifts to give this holiday season!

I would love it if you shared this with your friends to spread the local love a bit!

Want more gift guides? Check out this gift guide page for all my gift guides with more to come for 2021!

Want FREE Christmas gift tags? I created 64 beautiful gift tags that can be used not only for Christmas but every holiday! They’re free to download!

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Thanks for supporting me and supporting all this amazing Minnesota Makers!


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4 thoughts on “95+ Minnesota Gifts – Ultimate MN Made Gift Guide (2023)”

  1. Hi Jen, What a wonderful resource! We always shop local and support MN makers & creators when shopping for client gifts as well as family & friends. I love having another place to shop & get ideas! I would highly encourage you to check out standwithheart.com (also her Instagram). Local Mom who creates beautiful art and gifts…all things hearts. She uses repurposed skis to create ornaments, magnets & stands to hold photos and her cards are photos of hearts in nature she has found. Her story is so moving and she is dedicated to creating connection & community with others.

  2. Hi Jen. I live in KY and plan a trip with a tour group this next week. We will be stopping overnight in Bloomington and going to Mall of America. Since I have already been there, I have no desire to spend a whole afternoon walking around. However, since I try to collect Christmas ornaments from places I’ve been, can you suggest of a place where I can find an ornament of Minnesota? Thanks.

    • you could try Four Post, Love From Minnesota or Callister’s Christmas at the Mall of America! The first two have tons of MN brands.


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