7 Amazing Breastfeeding Supplies

After 3 babies I’ve learned a few things about babies! I’ve done a mix nursing and pumping with all 3 babies so I wanted to share some breastfeeding supplies I used for my 3 kids!

7 Amazing Breastfeeding Supplies

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To give you a bit of a background on my breastfeeding experience, here you go! With my first I breastfed and pumped for 6 months.

My second I nursed for the first 2 months until she got RSV and stopped nursing. I followed that up with a few months of exclusively pumping. With my 3rd I did a mix of breastfeeding and pumping.

7 Amazing Breastfeeding Supplies

I’m sure there a ton of products out there that I’m completely missing when it comes to nursing or pumping but these are the ones that I’ve personally tried and love! If you have any other suggestions be sure to leave a comment and let me know!

1. A hands free breast pump bra

 A hands free breast pump bra

If you plan on pumping at all, you need one of these hands free breast pump bra. I did a homemade DIY “hands free bra” situation using an old sports bra with my first and it was always annoying. The breast pump shields never stayed in correct and kept slipping.

I bought a hands free breast pump with Penelope, my second baby, and it saved my life. I don’t know why I didn’t get this with Roy especially since I almost exclusively pumped for close to 3 months with him!

If you plan on pumping at all, I highly suggest you get one of these!

2. Numerous good nursing tanks

Medela nursing tank

Good nursing tanks are a top breastfeeding product and something that you need to have if you’re going to breastfeed at all. I have a handful of tanks I love but this Bravado one is one of my favorites!

It’s great for layering and also super easy to use my hands free breastpump bra with it. I wore it literally every day for months and months so I ended up getting like 5 so I had enough to rotate!

I also got a Blanqi pull down tank and love it because I can actually put my pump in it so I don’t have to use the Breastpump Bra every time! It’s not quite as good as using the breastpump bra but it helps. It’s super soft and great for sucking everything in too. 😉

blanqi pull down maternity top

3. Pink Stork Liquid Gold Tea

Another breastfeeding supply I love is this I drink 1-3 cups of this a day. It tastes so much better than the Mother’s Milk and you can use the same tea bag numerous times!

It helps with milk production and it says it can help with colicky or gassy babies. I love it! You can find it both on Amazon!

4. Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector Storage

Milkies Milk-Saver: Collects Leaking Breast Milk as You Nurse

This Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector Storage was a game changer for me when I discovered it with my second baby.

I always leak like crazy in the mornings and for pretty much every feeding for the first 2 months so this was an easy way to collect an extra 1-2oz each feeding by literally doing nothing!

And an added benefit – it prevented me from soaking Penelope like I soaked Roy when I fed him! I used to put a towel against the side that I wasn’t nursing on and it would be full of milk by the time I was ready to switch sides.

Now I save the milk and add it to milk that I pump (there’s not a lot of fat in this milk so it’s best to mix it with other milk that you pump). Find it on Amazon or at Target!

5. Washable nursing pads

Washable nursing pads. What every new mom needs in her new mom survival kit!

One of the breastfeeding supplies you’ll definitely want (or need) to get before your baby arrives is nursing pads (also at Target). In the beginning of nursing you’ll like leak milk while your body regulates your milk production.

I tried a handful of different nursing pads with my first baby and hated most of them except these bamboobies. Many were too thick or just uncomfortable. I also didn’t like the disposable kind since I went through multiples each day.

These come highly recommended and I actually was able to use mine for all 3 babies and they are still in great condition! You’ll also save money in the long run if you use reusable ones instead of throw away ones!

6. Nipple soft shells for sore nipples

I never knew about these nipple soft shells (link from Amazon) for Roy and had the WORST sore nipples in the beginning. It was awful.

When I was in the hospital with Penelope I mentioned immediately when they started to feel sore, and the sweet nurse brought these to me. They helped me SO much that I wore them for weeks after birth and I had no issues with sore nipples!

I bought them before delivering Miles and have recommenced them to all of my friends who now all swear by them as well. It can be a little annoying wearing them most of the day, but when you don’t have sore nipples, you’ll realize it’s 100% worth it.

These are especially helpful if this is your first baby! You’ll want something like this to save your nipples! It’ll make a huge difference in your breastfeeding experience since you won’t be in pain every time your baby nurses those first few weeks!

7. A good nursing cover (if you want to be covered up when you’re in public)

I love my MilkSnob one because it’s lightweight so I never felt like my kids were suffocating and dual purpose!

black white stripe milk snob nursing cover and baby bling bow

There you have it! I really wish I would have used ALL of these breastfeeding supplies with both babies when in reality I only used the nursing cover! Learn from my mistakes, people! 🙂

What is one of your must haves for nursing or pumping?

Thanks for reading!



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