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DIY Faux Wallpaper Wall – Fun Laundry Wallpaper!

Love the look of wallpaper but not sure you want to commit to it – even the removable kind? This post if for you! Today I’m sharing all about my simple DIY faux wallpaper for a fun laundry room wallpaper!

I love wallpaper. Like LOVE love. We were planning on getting wallpaper installed in 3 rooms in our home before Roy was born but our wallpaper lady kept flaking out on us! Therefore, it never happened.

Since then, though, we’ve put wallpaper in Penelope’s room, Roy’s room and Miles’ room! We’ve realized wallpaper is way easier than we had anticipated. My husband is amazing at putting it up and we love the fun it adds to rooms.

In the past I’ve teamed up with​ Paper Riot to give my gallery wall in my office a face lift. Their products are so fun and easy to use! I absolutely love their arrows so I decided I wanted to use some in my laundry room.

Laundry room decor featuring a faux arrow DIY wallpaper accent wall.

Our laundry room is connected to our master closet so we see it A LOT. I’ve been wanting to make it look cute but I didn’t know what to do with it. It’s a tiny space so it’s hard to do anything super cool with it. It’s also the laundry room so I didn’t want to “waste” my fun art or prints in there ha!

DIY Faux Wallpaper

Laundry room decor featuring a faux arrow wallpaper accent wall with stacked white towels.

Paper Riot has these awesome arrow decals so I decided to attempt a DIY faux wallpaper in there!

It took a bit of time to put up. First I washed all the walls to ensure they would stick on well. I didn’t worry about patching holes but definitely do that if you have big nail holes.

Make sure to allow it to dry completley before applying the decals! I typically wash the walls in the evening before bed if I know I have time in the morning to do the decals. Or do it in the morning to do it over nap time!

Magnolia jars and faux DIY wallpaper arrow wall

After the walls are clean and dry, start working on your pattern! I taped up about half of the arrows to figure out what kind of pattern I wanted. Tape them up using painters tape to easily move them around and not lose the stickiness!

After I figured out the pattern I wanted, I just started applying. I’m someone who doesn’t care if things are 100% perfect (which is why my husband doesn’t let me put up any of the real wallpaper in our home haha!). If you’re very picky then tape them all up before applying (although they’re super easy to adjust).

Pothos plant, layered frames and faux wallpaper using arrow decals

I had to rearrange one row that got a little out of whack but other then that they went up very easy and pretty quickly. You can also remove them easily! When you’re bored with them just peel them off!

It took about an hour to do but overall the process went super quick! And lo and behold, a faux wallpaper wall! It actually turned out pretty stinkin’ awesome if you ask me! 🙂

Layered frames with black arrow wallpaper

So what do you think? Too crazy? Just right? I love it. You can find your own arrows over at ​Target. They’re only $4.99 (I used 2 packages for my wall) so its a super inexpensive way to transform a room!

Be sure to check out Roy’s Bedroom Reveal for my real wallpaper wall or his original nursery for another look at faux wallpaper using triangles! Or swing on over to see this fun before and after laundry room!

This post was sponsored by Paper Riot.

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