DIY Watercolor Postcards

Now that summer is here, I have more time to do DIY projects (YAY!). I really enjoy doing them, especially when they’re as easy and fun as these DIY watercolor postcards.

Watercolor postcards

All you need to make these adorable cards are watercolors, paintbrushes, and blank postcards, pictures, drawings, etc. These are actually real postcards from kvp creative that we can send out to friends or family.

finished watercolor postcards ready to be sent out

If you don’t have any blank postcards, make your own! You can do this a variety of ways. You could just simply cut card stock paper into the size of a postcard. This is the simplest because then you can paint whatever you want on the front and write and address the back!

blank water color postcards ready to be painted on using watercolor paint

Or you could design your own (using Canva is super easy)! You could easily pull in some clip art or write a word on to a word document, print it off on heavy paper and cut it to the size of a postcard.

Either way gets you a great starting point for your watercolor postcards!

painting a postcard with purple flowers

I love how easy watercolor painting is, plus, it’s super relaxing! It was fun to get creative and think of different ways to use the watercolor paints, such as splatter painting and mock tie-dye.

finished watercolor postcards ready to be sent out

These postcards are perfect to send to your friends and family just to say hi and let them know you’re thinking of them! I know I LOVE getting things in the mail, it makes my day!

For your next DIY project, try out a personalized terra cotta pot! It’s the perfect housewarming or hostess gift! Happy crafting!


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