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DIY Terracotta Pots – Personalized Pots!

There’s something special about a house with a bunch of plants that just makes it so welcoming. I love having plants around my home, but terracotta pots can get boring (unless you bunch them all together for a beautiful tablescape like in this post!). This simple tutorial to DIY terracotta pots is perfect to spruce up those pots into something extra!

diy terracotta pots tutorial

You will need:

  • one terracotta pot
  • any color of spray paint with ultra cover (we used white!)
  • a fun marker that will stand out on your color of spray paint
  • and a plant of course!
diy terracotta pots

1. Spray Paint the Pot

First, spray paint the pot with your base color.

Make sure it is evenly distributed. We could have done a better job with ours but luckily as your plant grows you’ll see streaks less and less! 😉 Make sure you get at least the lip on the inside if not the whole thing. Otherwise you’ll see there orange from the pot peeking out!

I recommend doing at least a couple coats to ensure it fully coats your pot.

diy terracotta pots - paint your pot

2. Write Your Word

Once the pot is dry, write any fun phrase or word with a permanent marker.

We chose a fun metallic color and  wrote a friend’s last name on the pot to give to them as a housewarming gift!

Practice a few times on a piece of paper to know exactly how you’re going to write whatever it is you want on your pot. Then, using a pencil, put the word (or phrase) on the pot. This will help to ensure spacing is correct and also give you something to trace!

Finally grab that permanent marker and get to writing! Depending on your marker, you may need to go over it another time to get it dark enough.

diy terracotta pots - write on pot

If you mess it up you can easily spray paint over it and start again!

3. Add the Plant

Last, plant your plant!

If you’re using a terracotta pot, be sure to use a coffee filter inside the pot before putting the soil in. It keeps the soil in the pot but still lets water out.

I love how much the gold stands out on the clean, white pot. It looks absolutely adorable! Let us know what you think of this fun DIY 🙂

diy terracotta pots

You can find even more terracotta pot tips on this post! I hope you liked this simple DIY Terracotta Pots Tutorial!

If you want to do more DIYs with your plants, try out this macrame plant hanger!

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