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What to Wear With Burgundy Pants: 12 Outfit Ideas

If you just got a new pair of burgundy pants or have a pair collecting dust in your closet, chances are you need a bit of inspiration on how to wear them. Don’t be intimidated by the little pop of color; burgundy is the new neutral!

There are so many different styles of burgundy pants from skinny jeans to straight leg jeans to burgundy leggings to the cropped corduroy option you’ll see in this post. The style of pants you own will have an impact on the overall outfit you create, but hopefully these outfit ideas will give you some fresh ideas on how to style them and find the perfect burgundy pants outfit for your personal style!

12 Burgundy Pants Outfits

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*The pants I’m wearing in the post are from Target and they have since sold out!

1. Tan Striped Sweater

Woman wearing burgundy pants and tan and black striped sweater.

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A printed top can go great with burgundy pants, whether it’s bright colors or neutral shades. This tan and black striped sweater top could work with every style of burgundy bottoms. Long enough to tuck into jeans or cover your bum in leggings. 

2. White Tee & White Sneakers

Woman wearing burgundy pants with white tee and white sneakers.

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The easiest color to pair with maroon pants is white. For more casual looks go with a plain white shirt (this tee goes with everything!) and white sneakers. Throw on your favorite jewelry and you’re ready to run errands, volunteer at the school, meet friends for coffee or whatever your day brings. If you’re wanting simple but dressier, grab a white top with some more details and a nicer fabric.

3. Denim Jacket, Navy T-shirt and Sneakers

Woman wearing burgundy pants and denim jacket and sneakers

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You can style your pants with so many different colors. Dark blues look amazing with burgundy. You get this rich neutral situation going on! 

For this look, I styled my pants with a navy blue shirt, my embellished jean jacket and white sneakers.

4. Denim Jacket and Chelsea Boots

Woman wearing black turtleneck, burgundy pants and denim jacket

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In cold weather, you can add some layers and boots to your maroon bottoms. I love this denim shirt jacket over a simple black top. You can use whatever top you have but black turtleneck sweatshirts are a good choice if you’re trying to stay a little warmer.

Check how to style your black turtleneck in new ways here.

5. Leopard Print Fleece Jacket

Woman wearing burgundy pants and cheetah print jacket.

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There’s no right way to put together maroon pants outfits — it’s such a versatile color! Even animal prints work with it! Throw on a leopard print top, jacket or shoes for a fun look.

6. Chambray Top

Woman wearing burgundy pants and chambray top.

You can’t go wrong with denim tops and burgundy pants. This chambray shirt paired with the burgundy color can pass for business casual so you can wear it to work, to church or just out with friends.

7. White Cardigan

Woman wearing burgundy pants and white button down cardigan and clogs

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The pop of burgundy in your outfit is a great way to dress up your neutral colors. This cozy white cardigan and tan clogs next to the deep maroon feels bright without being boring.

8. Navy Long Sleeve

Woman wearing burgundy pants and navy long sleeve

This whole look takes seconds to pull together, but the rich color combo makes it look more dressed up than if you were to wear this same shirt with jeans. Find ways to mix your pants into your everyday style and these burgundy bottoms will be a wardrobe staple in no time.

9. Black Turtleneck

Woman wearing black turtleneck, burgundy pants

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Black and burgundy is a classic color combo and feels so chic, even if you’re just wearing your favorite black turtleneck. I love the black neutral shoes on bottom to pull the look together.

10. Black Puffer Vest

Woman wearing black turtleneck, burgundy pants and vest

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Add your burgundy pants to your winter wardrobe by throwing on a puffer jacket or vest. This slightly oversized vest plays with the proportions of your outfit in a fun way.

11. Tan Cardigan and Loafers

Woman wearing burgundy pants and tan button down cardigan and loafers

Another great neutral that goes well with maroon is tan. An oatmeal sweater and tan suede loafers bring a softer look than some of the black options.

12. Grey Cardigan

Woman wearing burgundy pants and grey cardigan.

Gray is a great color to accompany this shade of red in your wardrobe. Grab your gray sweater and boots, and you’re ready to go!

Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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