Bug Themed Birthday Party – Decor Inspiration

I love birthday and having a fun theme for their party. My son recently turned 5 and wanted a bug party. So a bug party is what he got!

If you’re looking to throw a bug themed birthday party or any insect party for that matter, here’s some fun and simple ways to make it

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Bug Decorations

I do balloon garlands for every single party I host. They’re so easy to do and they make a big impact! I picked up two packs of this balloon garland from Amazon. I left out the yellow and the animal balloons and it was perfect!

bug party decorations

Find my full how to make a balloon garland tutorial on this post.

In all honesty, I wanted to do this outside in our front and have giant butterflies and bugs on it but the weather didn’t want to cooperate!

Because of that I just hung it up in my kitchen and attached spiders made out of pipe cleaner on it! Some of the spiders were easily wrapped around the balloon and others we attached using glue dots.

balloon garland with spiders

I also had cute oversized ants made out of construction paper that I taped up along with these leaf trays. I lined the entryway with them and also had them around the cabinets in the kitchen.

Bug decorations and balloon garland

I made a mini balloon garland and hung a happy birthday sign along with the ants and leaves to welcome guests to the party! I love having something fun when people walk in to start the festivities as soon as they enter the house.

diy ants and a balloon garland

I found oversized butterflies on Amazon that I hung around the house as well! They have metal rods so you can put them outside as well. I had hoped to line our walkway with them but since it was raining out I just kept them inside.

bug party decorations


For food, we did a mix of super simple snacks and a bit more intricate things.

For the main food, I made a giant centipede out of corn dogs and veggie straws for the legs and chives for the antennae. It was an easy way to feed kids in a fun way! I set it out on faux leaves to give it an outdoorsy feel.

centipede out of corn dogs

For sides we did a bunch of bug inspired foods like ants on a log, bugs made out of veggies, caterpillars made out of green grapes and caprese salad on a skewer.

caprese bug salad

We used candy eyeballs to give them their faces. We tried other ways to make the eyes and it was super hard. If you make these I highly recommend buy the candy eyeballs!

green grapes on a skewer
ants on a log

We also made veggie bugs out of cut up vegetables. The bugs were a bit hard to make so all we did was made enough to go around a plate and then filled the plate with cut up veggies!

bugs made out of veggies

The kids especially loved eating their veggies since they looked so cute! 🙂

bugs made out of veggies

For drinks I simply did water with green food coloring and called it bug juice! I made green ice cubes ahead of time to keep it extra green. I’ve never seen kids drink water so fast and love it as much. 😉

green water

As an added surprise I froze plastic bugs in ice cubes for all the kids! They loved seeng them melt and digging out the bug at the end.

I also glued fake bugs and butterflies on all of the glasses. It was a fun way of each person knowing which glass was theirs! I recommend hot gluing the bug on so they stay on. Glue dots didn’t quite hold them on!

fake bugs clued onto glasses

For dessert we did a traditional birthday cake covered in bugs as well as a mud pie.

bug cake

The mud pie was so easy to make. All you need to do is mix up 2 boxes of chocolate pudding with 1 container of whipped cream. Smash up a container (or 2!) of Oreos and layer them in a cup.

Mud pie

Top it off with some gummy worms and there you go! The mud pies were a bigger hit than the fancy cake!

And that’s about it! We had such a fun bug themed birthday party and I hope this helps you with hosting yours!

To buy:

Here’s links to all the items I bought for the party!

Now head here to learn how to make a balloon garland!


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  1. thank you so so so much for helping us in the planning of a bug party. We are planning Ella’s 5th, and we plan to do all of it with the Ladbybug cake.


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