Baby Einstein Around We Grow Review

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Looking for a way to allow both your toddler and baby to play alongside one another? Today I’m going to share a product we recently discovered that allows for exactly that – the Baby Einstein™ Around We Grow™ 4-in-1
Discovery Center

Baby Einstein Around We Grow Review

I have 3 kids – all 3 and under. Our oldest is almost 4, our middle is 2.5 and our baby is 9 months old. The older kids just love to play (or parallel play) with their baby brother but as you can imagine, it can be hard to know both what to give them to play together in a safe way that’s fun for everyone.

When I saw the Around We Grow Discovery Center I knew it would be a great option for my kids. One perk of having kids so close together is that they’re easily entertained by the same type of thing!

Baby Einstein Around We Grow

We pulled out the Baby Einstein Around We Grow discovery center and the 2 older kids could not WAIT for their brother to wake up from his nap so they could all play together!

Baby Einstein Around We Grow

Baby Einstein Around We Grow Discovery Center Basics

There’s lots of amazing features about the Baby Einstein Around We Grow. Here’s some of the basics that you should know.

4 Modes of Play

There are 4 different modes of play with Baby Einstein Around We Grow. There’s a 360°  walk-around discovery center, a discovery table, an art table and removable floor toys.

Miles, our youngest, uses the 360° walk-around discovery center. He quickly figured out how to walk around the center (always backwards haha!) and typically likes to stop at the piano.

Our older 2 love to use the discovery table. From playing the piano with Miles to hiding the ladybug under different numbers, they love to interact with all of the different activities.

Baby Einstein Around We Grow

The art table is a great addition to the Around We Grow center! It’s nice to be able to swap out the toys for a flat surface to give the kids dedicated space to color and create.

Baby Einstein Around We Grow Review

Lastly, the toys are removable making them super easy to allow the kids to play with them! It’s great for when Miles is wanting to crawl around on the floor a bit more but also have fun things for him to do.

3 Position Heights

The 360° walk-around discovery center has 3 different position heights making it perfect for your little one as they grow and get bigger! This fun discover center is great for supporting your little one’s first steps.

15 Nature-Themed Toys + Experiences

There’s a mix of nature themed toys and experiences that allow for both physical and sensory experiences that promote movement and cognitive skills. These encourage auditory , visual and tactile discovery.

There’s counting activities, music, language (you can have it count and talk in English, Spanish and French!), and so much more.

Baby Einstein Around We Grow Review

Overall we have loved having the Around We Grow Discovery Center in our home! All of our kids love playing with the different activities both together and separate!

It’s been so fun to see each of them discover new things to do and get engrossed in creating music, coloring on the art table or counting all of the ants! It’s also been fun to watch our older kids show Miles how to do different things and introduce him to colors, shapes and so much more!

This is a great option for any family with little kids! Whether you have one kid or three (or more!), there’s tons of benefits of the Around We Grow center. I’m a huge fan of baby products that can actually grow with your child and this one truly does just that!

I hope this review helped you learn a bit more about the Baby Einstein Around We Grow Discovery Center! Click to add the Around We Grow to your Target Cart!

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