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7 Spring Dress from Amazon To Try Today

Spring has sprung! And with a new season comes new clothes – at least a couple items!

If a new spring dress is on your list of things to add, look no further! I’ve rounded up 7 of my favorite dresses from Amazon to give your closet a little lift this spring. They’re all affordable, beautiful and easy to wear.

Without further ado, here they are! Be sure to watch the video to get a sense of how the look on! I hope it helps!

7 Spring Dress from Amazon To Try Today

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1. Drop Dress

mom handing her daughter an apple

I always like to share my most worn item first in my round up videos so I had to share this Drop tiered dress first! I bought my first one 2 years and wore it so much I had to get it in more colors – so far green and orange.

This is one dress that I wear year round because it’s super easy to wear with a cardigan or sweater over the top. My trick for this is putting a sports bra on over the top of the dress and the tucking the hem of the sweater into the bottom of the sports bra. Easy peasy!

green dress with cardigan over the top

I’ve worn this one for everything from family photos to bridal showers to walks in the neighborhood. It’s comfortable, chic and absolutely my favorite.

This dress has function pockets and sits at a midi length, just above the ankles.

woman wearing maxi dress with sweatshirt and new balance sneakers

I’m wearing an xs in this one and the one great thing is it has hidden adjustable straps! Just button it higher or lower depending on how it best fits you.

I can’t recommend this one enough – its my favorite!

orange dress with cardigan over it

2. Green Dress

woman in green free people lookalike dress

You can’t hop on Instagram lately without seeing this dress or the more expensive version of this dress. I got it a few months ago and have worn it SO much. It’s SO comfortable, so stylish and so beautiful.

I wore this one for Easter Sunday and got so many compliments on it! I love the length, the pockets and the detailing all over.

This is another one that has pockets and can be worn off the shoulders or on.

I’m wearing a small in this one and it does come in a variety of other colors.

3. Denim Dress

woman in denim dress and man in blue cardigan outside in front of trees

This first dress is a flowy, babydoll style denim shirt dress that comes in a few different styles. You can get it in long sleeve like I have here, short sleeve or even tank style. There’s also different shades of blue to choose from.

I got this one for our family photos one fall and loved it. It was super flattering in the photos and I felt really comfortable in it. It’s long enough that I don’t feel like I’m going to flash anyone but a great length to wear a tall boot for cooler days.

I’ve also worn it with sneakers for a casual look. The pockets are nice and deep.

The back has a beautiful tiered style to it which gives it an elegant feel.

I’m wearing an x-small in this one. It definitely is a roomy but given that’s how the dress should fit, I feel like it fits true to size.  Overall this one is comfy, chic and great for both dressing up and dressing down.

4. Square Neck Mini Dress

square neck dress

This dress is the one and only mini dress on this list. I’m not a big mini dress or mini skirt kinda gal but putting a pair of shorts underneath this dress made me a lot more comfortable in it.

I wore this on in California to an Amazon conference paired with some sneakers and it was perfect! I felt put together and stylish but not overly dressed up.

It can be worn off the shoulders or on whichever feels right for you and where you’re wearing it. The sleeves can also but pushed up for a shorter look or kept down. It’s a versatile dress!

This one comes in a lot of different colors and prints. I’m wearing an x-small – if you want to give yourself a little more length, I recommend sizing up one.

5. One Shoulder Dress

one shoulder dress

If you need a dress that’s a bit more dressy, this is a great option! As you can see, it’s a bit more elevated than the others but also not over the top. It has a great elastic waistband that gives you some definition without cutting off circulation and the one sleeve is a fully function tie.

This one comes in so many different colors and prints. I’m wearing a small and although it fits fairly room on me I would say it fits true to size.

6. Tied Sleeve Dress

woman in blue dress and man in pink shirt

I originally bought this dress for family photos in the summertime and let me tell you, I loved the photos in this dress. This dress photographs so beautifully and since it’s long and the top is stretchy, I felt so comfortable taking the photos! I’ve since worn this dress for both dressy and casual events and always get compliments on it.

The straps are fully functioning tie straps so you can tie them to fit your body. I recommend knotting them and then tying the bow so the strap doesn’t accidently come untied. However, since the top is fitted you won’t have an accidental flash situation even if they do come untied.

I am wearing a small in this dress and it comes in a ton of different colors.

7. Crocheted Dress

crocheted top dress

This sleeveless tiered dress is a new to me style that is perfect for warmer weather! It has the similar tiered style as the first dress has but in a shorter style.

This one is technically called a mini dress but as you can see, it’s not really a mini on me since it goes to my knees.

This one is lined, does not have pockets and I’m wearing an x-small.

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