How to Make an Infinity Scarf From a Regular Scarf

Do you love the look of infinity scarves but don’t have any yourself? Here’s a super quick and easy hack!

Making an infinity scarf out of a regular scarf is super easy! You can do it in just 4 steps.

how to make an infinity scarf from a regular scarf

Step 1: Put on the scarf.

Wrap your scarf around neck so the ends are in front of your body.

Step 2: Tie the 2 ends together.

Start with a big knot and slowly pull it out as far as you can go to make the knot as small as possible. All you really need are a few small tassels holding it together!

Step 3: Flip the scarf so it crosses over itself and put it behind your neck.

Step 4: Tuck the knot underneath the scarf!

You can also have it be slightly to the side, whatever look and feels best for you!

I hope this helps!

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. I love your blog!
    I am getting back to embracing my green thumb again. Any tips that will help me to be able to be a “Great” Inner House mother ?
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