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Herbal Face Food Review

When it comes to skin care, I’m super picky about what I use.

I was recently asked by Herbal Face Food if I wanted to try out their products. But before I could say yes, I had to have a call with their founder, J. Michael Zenn. Very few brands require this so I was intrigued.

First of all – what is Herbal Face Food? Herbal Face food is the most potent plant derived anti-aging, multi-correction, anti-viral skincare product. It contains 50 of the world’s most powerful botanicals including the top 20 rarest, most expensive plant concentrates on the planet

After reading that coupled with the fact that with the founder wanting to share more about the brand and I was intrigued!

There’s something to be said about the founder of a company taking time out of his day to spend 30 minutes chatting with you about the product, how it came to be, the results that you can have AND chatting with you about your skin concerns.

Let’s dive into a bit about the history of Herbal Face Food.

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Herbal Face Food History

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Herbal Face Food started with what I believe is one of the best reasons to start a company – because someone had a problem they wanted fixed.

Just like Olive and June’s founder, SGT, couldn’t find a great nail salon in LA or nail polish to do her nails at home prompted her to start Olive and June, J. Michael Zenn also had a problem.

He spent 15 years exposing his skin to tanning beds, causing extreme hyper-pigmentation on his face. Skincare professionals told him that he could do laser surgery or bleaching but the results would never last and the hyper-pigmentation would come back.

Shocked that nobody had created a product that could help and give long-term solutions, he decided to look for an answer himself.

What he discovered was the power of plants! Plant intelligence and plant-chemicals proved themself to be far more effective and powerful than any other synthetic product out there.

For over a decade he worked with herbalists and botanists to create the most potent anti-aging serum ever created. Once created his own skin issues were cleared up in just six weeks.

After that, he started sharing his product with anyone he could!

It has become a cult brand in Korea and many Korean celebrities have been sharing it for years. Michael shared with me that they never did any marketing in Korea and it just naturally became a go to product there!

J. Michael Zenn is also the author of the Self Health Revolution book which is the only book ever endorsed by Whole Foods Market.

Skin Issues Herbal Face Food Helps

Herbal Face Food have been shown to reverse the 10 most visible signs of aging. These are:

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Large Pores
  3. Dryness
  4. Redness
  5. Discoloration
  6. Loss of Skin Tone
  7. Firmness
  8. Smoothness
  9. Radiance
  10. Brightness

It also helps tackle issues like acne, eczema, rosacea, melasma, and psoriasis.

Herbal Face Food Products

Now on to the products!

Before we talk about each product, something to note is that when you put the serums on you will feel it!

You will get a tingly sensation on your skin that will last anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. The longer you use the product the less that sensation will last.

I personally love that since I can feel like it’s actually working! But just keep that in mind when you first start using it.

The Serum I

The Serum I is a daily use anti-aging serum that’s made up of 25 of the world’s most powerful botanicals. When you begin with Herbal Face Food, you’ll start here. Just like retinol, your skin will need to acclimate to the ingredients in this serum.

Some people can stay at Serum I if they find it works well! If you need a bit more power, you can move your way up to Serum II.

To use the Serum I (as well as Serum II and Serum III), you first shake up the bottle. This will allow the serum to mix and activate. Don’t forget this step!

After you shake it up, put a half dollar size in your hand and massage it into your skin. Use it morning and night.

They also recommend you exfoliate your face twice a week to help get rid of any dead skin cells as well as clear away oil, dirt and residue from your pores!


  • 10ml (5-10 day usage): $60
  • 30ml (20-30 day usage): $130
  • 50ml (40-50 days usage): $170

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The Serum II

This is the same formula as the Serum I but it has more intensity and healing. The level two is twice as potent as the level one with a more intense warming sensation, stronger scent and quicker results.


  • 10ml (5-10 day usage): $65
  • 30ml (20-30 day usage): $145
  • 50ml (40-50 days usage): $190

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The Serum III

The Serum III is again, the same formula as the other two but is twice the potency and power as the Serum II.


  • 10ml (5-10 day usage): $65
  • 30ml (20-30 day usage): $145
  • 50ml (40-50 days usage): $190

Shop Serum III

The Cure

The Cure is a a spot treatment for problem areas. I use it on my forehead to combat wrinkles as well as my nose to help with hyper-pigmentation.

It’s also amazing for zits too! Anytime I got a zit I would apply it on there. Within 24 hours it was minimized drastically!


  • 10ml (10-15 day usage): $95
  • 30ml (40-50 day usage): $200
  • 50ml (60-80 days usage): $285

Shop The Cure

The Cure X Soap

One of the newest products to Herbal Face Food is the Cure X Soap. This soap is full of amazing phytonutrients that helps heal your skin while also cleansing it!

It’s fights aging, moisturizes, kills viruses and heals your skin naturally.

Cost: $69.97

Key Ingredients

One of the signature things about Herbal Face Food is that it’s made of 100% plants. It’s not plant-base or plant-derived like many of the products out there. It’s actually plants!

They say you can actually eat this product (but that’s not recommended – I can’t imagine it would taste very good!).

  • Organic and or Wild-Harvested
  • 100% Plants (NOT plant-based)
  • 50+ Botanicals (more than any other serum)
  • 20 most powerful Anti-Aging Botanicals
  • 20 of the Rarest Botanicals in the world ($2,500 and ounce)
  • 10 most Anti-Viral botanicals
  • Edible (you can eat it, but we don’t encourage it)
  • Vegan, Sustainably and Ethically Sourced
  • No Fillers, chemicals, or preservatives

My Honest Review

When it comes to skin care, I have a hard time recommending things since everyone’s skin is so different. However, these products have been so amazing for so many different reasons that I feel like anyone can benefit from them!

I will say, I don’t feel like these photos show as much of the progress as I notice in real life. You can definitely see the redness has gone down but the other benefits are a bit less noticeable but trust me, you can tell in person!

After a month of using the Serum I and the Cure, I noticed that my elevens (the 2 lines in between my eyes on my forehead) were noticeably smaller. I also noticed the lines across my forehead were also less noticeable.

I have a lot of red around my nose and that also was better. It’s not perfect (although I’m not looking for perfection) but it was much better.

I have a handful of small sun spots on my face that are much lighter than they were when I started.

My skin overall is less red and I overall have a much clearer complexion. I am going to be moving up to the Serum II now that my skin feels acclimated to the Serum I so I can only imagine things are going to continue to look even better!


How do you use Herbal Face Food?

For best results, first shake up your Herbal Face Food bottle thoroughly! Then apply it twice a day, in the morning and night. Put a half dollar size amount of the Serum into your hand and massage it into your skin.

Follow that up with a small amount of Cure onto areas that need a bit more attention.

Do you need serum and moisturizer?

I personally still use a moisturizer in addition to the serum.

There you have it! I hope this helps in knowing if Herbal Face Food is right for you!

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