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My Honest Rent the Runway Subscription Review

A few years ago for Valentine’s Day my fabulous husband, Rishi, gave me a subscription to Rent the Runway Unlimited! The basic idea of it is you rent 4 items, keep them as long as you want, send 1 (or 2, 3 or all 4) pieces back and get new stuff!

Let me just jump in here quick and let you know that – spoiler alert – Rent the Runway Unlimited is gone but in it’s place is a similar, arguably better subscription service. The concept is very the same so I’ll share my experience with Unlimited and Rent the Runway and then share the new program.

My Experience With Rent the Runway Unlimited

After having 2 kids in 2 years I felt like my style has gotten stale since I had been either pregnant or breastfeeding for years! This was a great way to try out some new things without spending money on something I may not actually love or wear a lot!

They take care of all the dry cleaning, shipping and any mending/fixing that might need to happen. FANTASTIC.

I tried out so many different things. Skirts, sweaters, a cardigan, a bomber jacket, dresses, an off the shoulder top and more.

Here’s a peek at some of the fun things I wore the Rent the Runway! I wore the AQ/AQ Emily Faux Fur Sweater to a girls brunch – totally practical, I know!

It paired well with leggings and printed boots and a tote.

My girl Michelle and I threw a mommas get together where we all had to wear a pop of red so the Harvey Faircloth Dark Denim Bomber was PERFECT for that!

I paired it with a graphic tee,  jeans and yes…those same boots haha!

My favorite girl Morgan from construction2style threw a blogger brunch to reveal her fabulous kitchen so I got the Fame & Partners  Polka Dot Midi Skirt just for the occasion.

I paired it with my plant lady tee and yes….my leopard boots (totally didn’t plan to wear these boots for every outfit haha!).

Rent the Runway Subscription

Rent the Runway Unlimited has how turned into Rent the Runway Subscription. Rather than 4 items at a time you can choose from one of three plans.

You choose from 5 items a month (1 shipment/month), 10 items a month (2 shipments/month) or 20 items a month (4 shipments/month). You can pause or cancel at any time, hold on to items your loving for longer and even buy what you love.

Woman in black skirt, leather jacket and gold purse.

It is basically the same as unlimited with the difference being how many items you can have at a time.

So who Rent the Runway Subscription be good for?

  • A mom who needs a refresh in her wardrobe without spending thousands on clothes (aka me).
  • A business woman who wants new options without committing to pieces that she may not love to wear every week.
  • A newly engaged woman who will have bridal showers, bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners that require amazing outfit for! 😉
  • Any woman who loves to try new styles without the pressure of owning a piece forever!
woman wearing yellow dress

I will say this too. I’ve done Rent the Runway for a weddings in the past (when I didn’t have my subscription) and had a terrible experience with it. I had rented 3 dresses knowing that dresses often times don’t fit well. This was an out of town wedding and the dresses were supposed to arrive the day we flew out.

They didn’t. When I contacted RtR they told me that they would get new dresses shipped to my hotel.

When I got those dresses they were the complete wrong thing in the wrong size so then I had to scramble to go buy a dress. It was horrible.

Worst part is RtR was not helpful and not even apologetic about the experience. It really left a bad taste in my month.

So while I love the Subscription option I will never rely on them for day of outfits ever again. It was far too stressful!

You can try out Rent the Runway (or RTR Unlimited!) using this link (and get a $30 credit!).

And let me know if you have any questions about it!

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