23 Perfect White Nail Ideas

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If you’re looking for a manicure that looks chic and cool, try one of these 23 white nail designs!

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1. Red Heart

Use a dotting tool to make two small dots right next to each other, then pull them down into a point to form a heart!


Keep a solid white polish from falling flat with a subtle sparkle in your top coat. This manicure is simple but has depth with just a little bit of glitter.

image via emjpolished

3. White Dots

Using shades of white, gray and silver, this mani gives winter wonderland vibes! All you need it a dotting tool and a little time to let the layers dry.

Image via @mani.mama.mini


These confetti nails are perfect for a celebration! Just use a dotting tool to make dots of different sizes in all your favorite colors.

Image via karanailedit


Use white nail polish to create a star design on your thumb and ring finger. Add some simple dots around the stars and you have a beautiful manicure.

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Don't stop here! I have 23 different white nail designs on the blog!

Image via @always.manicured

Most of these ombre nail designs use Olive & June nail polish! Use code Jenb20 for 20% off your order!