HOW TO CLEAN converse  (or other WHITE SNEAKERS)  in the washing machine 

It’s important to note that Converse does not recommend putting its shoes in the washing machine. However, many of us have done it with success! Here's my best tips. Want to skip the washing machine? Head to the blog for other options! 



Thoroughly rinse your shoes in warm water to remove any debris.



Pre treating your white sneakers will help fully remove any stains.

You can also spray your entire shoe! Be sure to let it sit accodring to the product instrutions


Put sneakers in a protective bag

Put laces, inserts and shoes inside the garment bag.


Use a gentle wash cycle

Use cold water to keep your Converse bright or warm water to loosen stains or dirt. Just don't use hot water!


Set them out to dry

Skip the drier and don't leave them in direct sun! Outside in the shade is a perfect spot for your shoes to dry.

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