5 Perfect Bottle Brush Tree Sets

Christmas is coming!  Get ready with these fun bottle brush Christmas tree set!


Tall Rainbow Sisal Trees set of 9

These gorgeous Rainbow Sisal Trees that come in a set of 9 from Etsy are a great way to add some color to your holiday decor! 


Classic Green, Gold & Ivory Trees

I own these and love them! I split them up into different groups in a few different areas.


49 Piece White Bottle Brush Trees

Keep them as is or paint them! They're the perfect trees to spray paint to match whatever decor you're going with this year!


Multicolor Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

You can't go wrong with bottle brush Christmas trees and these are perfect for adding color to your Christmas decor! These are small enough to put a couple on a shelf, bathroom counter, or next to your plants!


Tall Rainbow Trees Set of 5

Things that come in groups are a perfect way to keep a coordinated look! These fun trees will add some height to your tree collection. 

Find 4 other fun sets and ideas on how to decorate with them on the blog! Click below!