Caring for a ZZ Plant: Sunlight, Propagating and Growing Tips

It’s no secret I love my plants, especially easy plants. Which is exactly why I’m sharing everything I know about ZZ plant care!

I was first introduced to Zamioculcas Zamifolia, aka ZZ plants, when I started dating Rishi (way back when!) and he got a large ZZ plant for his condo. His condo didn’t get a ton of light and it wasn’t near the window but it thrived!

ZZ Plant

I was intrigued. I had stuck to my pothos and spider plants because those seemed to do well in my low light condo, but this guy was beautiful and easy to grow! Years later we still have his original ZZ plant and have added a few more.

ZZ plants are tough as nails and easy to care for. They’re a great plant for anyone to grow – yes, anyone.

Take note, though, ZZ plants are poisonous to pets and people. If you have kids or animals that may take a nibble out of these, either put them in a spot where they can’t get them or wait on this one. There was once a rumor that they could cause cancer but don’t worry, they don’t!

ZZ plant care tips - everything you need to know!

ZZ Plant Care Tips

ZZ plants are pretty straight forward in how to keep them alive, but here’s everything you need to know.

How often do I water my ZZ plant?

How often do I water my ZZ plant?

Like most of the plants I own, ZZ plants do best when you water them every one to two weeks. This may be different for you depending on your climate or where they are in your home.

Always check the soil before watering, sticking your finger in the soil to make sure the top inch is dry before watering again.

ZZ plants don’t need fertilizer during winter months but you can fertilize them about once a month in spring and summer.

ZZ plant care - does my ZZ plant need sunlight?

Does my ZZ plant need sunlight?

Yes! These plants can survive in low light but they’ll thrive with moderate sunlight.

I have one of my ZZ plants hanging in our dining which doesn’t get much direct light. It doesn’t grow very much (or very fast) but it still looks amazing!

I have 2 others in spots that got moderate sunlight and they grow like crazy! They often times grow in spurts but when they do they shoot up – it’s so fun to see!

plant in basket

Why are the leaves turning yellow?

There are a few reasons why your ZZ plant leaves are turning yellow.

One reason may be that it is getting too much direct light. If the leaves are also curling or looking like they’re trying to get away from the light source, it’s time to move it.

Another reason may be that it’s getting too much water. It’s better to underwater than overwater your ZZ plant!

new growth


Propagating ZZ plants is super easy! You simply cut stems from a healthy plant.

Let these callous over for an hour or two.

Then, you can either put it directly in soil or in a few inches of water. I am currently propagating 2 different groups of clippings in water. It’s a super slow process (the experts say it can take up to 9 months!) but really simple.

ZZ plant care tips - how do you propagate a zz plant?

I replace my water every week or so when I’m watering my other plants. One of my clippings already has some roots growing which I’m super excited about!

Once they all have roots it’s time to plant them! See? Easy, peasy!

I’m a big believer that everyone should have at least one plant in their home – if not one per room! Start easy with a pothos or spider plant or any of these 7 amazing low light plants!

As always, thanks so much for reading and sharing!

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