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For the last month or so, I’ve had the opportunity to share interviews with some amazing businesswomen – Meghan Yancy of Meghan Joy Today,  Lex Daddio of Restoring Radiance and Morgan from construction2style to name a few! They’re all sharing the ins and outs of running a business with some fun personal facts too! Be sure to check them out!

Today is someone I’ve had the chance to get to know in real life since we both live in Minneapolis. Taylor runs a fashion blog and is a sweet as they come! I love meeting big time bloggers in real life and realizing that they’re even more sweet in person than they seem on the internet. 🙂 Taylor is expecting her first baby (a boy!) in January!

Read on to get to know Taylor a bit more.

taylor brown of styled press

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself (family, work, etc).

Hi! My name is Taylor Brown, and I’m the writer of The Styled Press. I’m 28 years young and live in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN with my husband Tom & our little Boston Terrier, Bruce! We are expecting a little one in January 2019, and are incredibly excited! I’m working 2 full-time jobs as an account manager for and advertising and design company, and blogging. 🙂 I definitely stay busy!

2. How did your business get started?

I started my blog in December of 2015 as a creative space to share my personal style, beauty tips, lifestyle happenings and whatever else inspired me. I have always been very passionate about all things fashion and beauty: shopping, putting together outfits, and trying out new makeup products during my spare time. With these interests in mind, (and feeling very uninspired with my career at the time), I sparked the idea that I could inspire others with my creativity and create my own corner of the internet to share my looks, tips, passion and everything in between… and nothing has ever felt so right!

3. What is your favorite part about having your own business?

The creative freedom and amazing opportunities it’s given me. I’ve met so many great friends through blogging and have been able to work with brands I’ve always dreamt of working with! In addition to that, it’s really helped me grow as a person and boost my self confidence.

taylor brown of styled press

4. What does community over competition mean to you?

I 100% stand with community over competition! To me it means sharing, supporting and learning from other like-minded entrepreneurs.

5. What have been some of your most favorite brand collaborations to date?

It’s hard to choose since I’ve had the pleasure of working with many wonderful brands, but I’d say my favorites so far have been Nordstrom, LOFT, Mall of America, and Express.

6. How do you feel brand collaborations have helped your business?

Making new connections, gaining more exposure, and learning to work with brands.

7. What are ways someone could get started with brand collaborations?

Pitching brands via email or Instagram direct message (email is best though, and typically you can find their email on their Instagram or Facebook page). I also work with brands through influencer platforms like Revfluence, Tapfluence/IZEA, and Inspree Brands.

taylor brown of styled press

8. Who are people you feel are killing it in the collaboration side of business?

Olivia Rink of oliviarink.com. She is goals! Her collaboration posts (and all posts in general) are always super creative, fun and engaging with incredible photography. She’s the cutest thing!

9. What’s something we need to know about you (anything random, fun, etc)?

Maybe not the most fun fact, but I have become such a homebody over the past year, especially since becoming pregnant! Probably because I’ve been so sleepy… but there is nothing like some good ole R&R and take out at home with my husband and dog after a long work week. 🙂

Here’s a fun fact for you though: I used to teach kindergarten and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I valued my time as a teacher, but after about 4 years I decided that it wasn’t for me anymore. Teachers are rockstars and have one of the hardest jobs in the world, just know that!

Another fun fact: I’ve been skydiving! After graduating high school. Still can’t believe I did it… it was crazy and fun to be alive and telling you today that I did it, but I’d never do it again. 😉 Ha! 

10. How can we find you? (website, social handles, etc)

www.thestyledpress.com, @taymbrown on Instagram, The Styled Press on Facebook and The Styled Press on Pinterest! Thanks for the friendship and feature on your blog, Jen! 🙂

Thanks, Taylor!! I loved having you on the blog!

Be sure to come back next week to meet Sara Schultz!

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