How to Make an Ombre Faux Floral Wall Hanging

Want a unique piece of art for your home?  Make one yourself!  Here's how to do it.

What you need: 1. Command hooks 2. Painters tape 3. Faux or dried floral 4. Floral wire 5. Paper for paper fans

Let's create!

1. Measure your wall

First determine how big you want your wall hanging and mark it off on the floor to help you plan your design.

2. Plan your design

Gather all of your floral and lay them out. Plan out your design on the floor prior to beginning to hanging it on the wall.

3. Start hanging

Starting from the outside start hanging your floral. Use command hooks for hanging and painters tape to secure in place.

4. Keep hanging

Keeping hanging until you have your wall hanging exactly how you want it!


That's it! You're all set to enjoy your new statement wall hanging.

Want in on a secret? I did a new version of this using chicken wire! It made hanging a breeze. Check it out on the blog!

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