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nail designs for short nails

Image via karanailedit

Long nail girls don't get to have all the fun! Here's 7 beautiful nail designs for short nails.

Image via karanailedit

1. Color Block

Color block manicures are always fun and on trend. They’re also easy to do and customize!

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2. Blue ombre

Manis don’t always have to be hard! A blue ombre mani is not only on trend and chic but also super easy!

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3. Lines

Lines are always a fun way to add some style to your nails! One trick for keeping this cohesive is to have one of the lines be the same color as your solid colors.

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4. Cow Print

Whether you’re heading to Yellowstone Ranch or just love cows, this is such a fun ideas! Having two accent nails with cow print is a simple and subtle way to have some fun with your mani!

image via paintbynaptime

5. Scallop Nails

A stunning simple manicure for short nails or long nails alike is this scallop style! Start practicing on one nail and go from there!

image via paintbynaptime

6. Confetti Nails

Birthday paired with funfetti cake or just a fun summer mani, this confetti mani can be customized to whatever function you’re going to!

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7. Rainbow ombre

Bring a little rainbow to your day!  Set out all the colors you want to use before you start painting. Then go from there!

Image via karanailedit

Don't stop here! I have 53 nail designs for short nails on the blog!

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