10 diy lip masks

Say goodbye to cracked lips and follow these DIY lip masks that you can whip up at home.


Relieve chapped lips! Mix together Greek yogurt (1 tbsp),  kiwi (1 tbsp) & sugar (1 tbsp). Put on lips & cover with plastic wrap. Enjoy!

Yogurt and Kiwi Scrub


Calm inflammation and chapped lips! Mix lavender essential oil, raw honey (1 tbsp), &  brown sugar (1 tbsp). Massage on to your lips and rinse with water!

Lavender & Honey Scrub


Remove dead skill cells and rejuvenate your lips! Mix 1-2 mashed strawberries, coffee grounds & vitamin E oil. Apply to lips for 30 minutes. 

Strawberry & Honey


Fight off lip inflammation and tighten lips with this lip mask! Head to the blog for instructions & ingredient list.

Turmeric Trick


A great lip exfoliator! Combine cocoa powder  (1 tbsp), raw honey (3/4 tbsp), brown sugar  (2 tbsp), vanilla (1 tsp) & olive oil (2 tbsp). Scrub on lips.

Sweet Chocolate


Soften and plump dry lips with this mask!  Full ingredient list and instructions on the blog!

Shea Butter


Moisturize and nourish lips with this mask! Mix mashed avocado and honey together. Apply to lips for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Avocado & Honey


A natural remedy for parched and chapped lips! Mix rose petal powder, plain yogurt and honey. Leave on lips for 15 minutes.

Rose Petal


Make your own gel mask to bring back shine and health to your mask. Ingredients and instructions on the blog.

Coconut Beetroot


Get soft nourished lips with this overnight treatment. Combine equal parts coconut oil and honey, mis them together and apply to lips before bed. Wash off in the morning!

Overnight Coconut Mask

Find full ingredient list and instructions for each mask on the blog!