How to Do a Fishtail Braid

Looking to up your hair game? Try a fishtail braid!  No matter your hair type, this unique style is one of the most simple braids to do but it looks super complex!

Prep your hair!


I use a dry texturizing spray (affiliate linked here) to help my braid stay in!

Separate your hair into 2 equal sections


I like pulling my hair to the side for a side braid but you could also do it down the back of your head too!

Take a small section from one side & cross it over to the opposite side.


The smaller the piece the more  intricate the braid. The bigger the piece the quicker you'll be done!

Do the same thing  on the other side!


Try to take the same size strand of hair from top to bottom so it has a similar look.

Keep going!


Repeat the first 2 steps all the way down your hair.

Loosen it up.


Start from the bottom and start tugging on the outside of each loop. Don’t pull out the entire section of hair, just the outer side for a relaxed braid.

Add Your Hair Tie


Add a hair tie at the bottom (the elastic ones I used are affiliate linked here) and get ready to amaze your friends!

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