5 Tips for the Perfect Coffee Bar at Home

Is your coffee station boring and blah? With a few simple tweaks we can turn it from drab to fab!

Let’s get started!

5 Tips for the Perfect Coffee Bar

01 Make  everything accessible

02 Shop your house

03 Get creative

04 Use the wall

05 Get inspired!

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Make Everything Accessible


The most important thing is to have easy access to your essentials – your coffee pot, your coffee mugs, your coffee beans

Shop Your House


Use a cake platter for coffee beans, a cleaned out candle jar for your stir spoons, etc!

Get Creative


Use an old cabinet and turn it into a coffee bar cabinet. Get creative with your coffee bar and make it unique to you!

Use the Wall


Hang a mug rack to hold your favorite mugs or floating shelves for your coffee supplies such as your coffee beans, filters, etc.

Get Inspired


Before you start changing things or buying things, have an idea of what you want and what makes you joyful and inspired!

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