4 Tips for Decorating Your Home for Parties

Over the past few years I’ve become good friends with Morgan from construction2style. I’m sure you’ve seen her all over my Instagram and on other blog posts and love her as much as I do!

She recently remodeled her kitchen and dining room and threw a few amazing parties to celebrate. She asked me and a few of our other favorites – Katie from JKath and Erin from Francious et moi – to come help style it! Chelsie from Chelsie Lopez Production documented the magic (and yes, it was magic!).

tips for planning a party

Tip #1: borrow items from friends or family (especially when you’ve just remodeled or moved into a home)!

It’s easy to borrow additional items you need for your event rather than buying everything you might need. Morgan did a fantastic job at curating props – tables, chairs, and rugs. We also borrowed a few items from both Timber + Tulip and Bellacour to help stage the place.

Fun cane tree
tips for planning a party
Planning out wall hangings
Timbe rand tulip furniture
Styling a bookcase
Timber and tulip furniture

{all photos via Chelsie Lopez}

Tip #2: shop your home

Katie and I found gold frames all over Morgan’s home to create this beautiful gallery wall. Some of the frames were empty, some had photos inside. To make things easy we removed the glass and photos from all the frames and hung empty gold frames cascading up the wall. It was a statement piece and really easy to do!

Planning out a gallery wall
Hanging a gallery wall

We also gathered up all the plants and additional books to style the different rooms. Everything can go back after your event…or not! 🙂

Tip #3: place the food where you want your guests to hang

Morgan has a beautiful giant island in her kitchen where all the food was which was perfect for showing off her amazing new kitchen!

If you want guests to hang out in other spaces have different parts of the home with different food. People will go where the food and drink are. 😉

Tip #4: get help!

It’s so easy to get caught up on your own head when decorating. If there’s even one person with you who can suggest a small change or confirm that what you did actually does look amazing you can move on to the next task. Divide, conquer and collaborate. It’s way more fun that way too!

If you need someone to come help decorate your home for any upcoming events, you know who to call! 😉

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