Our Funny Father Daughter Dance Ever

It’s my wedding anniversary week! 🙂 Tomorrow is our actual wedding anniversary so during this week I always love to share a few of my favorite memories from our wedding.

Funny father daughter dance!

Funny Father Daughter Dance

When I was in college, my dad saw a video of a funny, choreographed father daughter dance at a wedding. He emailed it to me and said “If you ever get married, we’re totally doing this!” He wanted to do the best father daughter dance ever!

Fast forward many years to when Rishi proposed. After calling my dad to tell him the good news he replied with – we better get going on this dance!

Dancing during a funny Father Daughter Dance

I’m lucky enough that my dad is a musician for a living so we picked out some songs and he arranged the whole thing. We searched the internet for the choreography to some songs and I made up the rest.

And then we practiced.

Best Father Daughter Dance Ever - thriller

My dad enlisted the help of one of his coworkers to practice with him during their lunch break and I would practice at home by myself. My dad’s not a born dancer so for him to do this dance (and be excited about it) was so much fun! My dad is the BEST.

Bride dancing during the best Father Daughter Dance Ever

We got together only like twice to run through the whole thing (over and over and over again). My mom, sister and Rishi were there to watch us and critique us so we could fix and change things. Other than those 3, nobody else knew what we were doing! I had mentioned to a few friends to be sure to watch the father daughter dance since I knew they would be the type to cheer and holler but even my brother didn’t know we were doing this! 🙂

Being funny during a fun father daughter wedding dance

{all photos taken by Al and Lyndsey}

We had a few hiccups and missteps in the actual dance but man was it fun! I’m so glad we did a fun father daughter dance and I will treasure this memory my whole life.

Check it out below and let me know what you think!

{video by acowsay media}

Did you do something fun like this at your wedding? Have you ever been to a wedding that did a fun father daughter or mother son dance?

You can find more wedding fun with photos of our Indian party here!

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Ok. HOW have I not met your dad?! How fun is this?!!! I was laughing and then yep, crying at the very end. Wish we would have been friends then. I would have been a super fun bridesmaid… I mean guest at the wedding. hehe.


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