How to Use Dry Shampoo (9 Expert Tips)

Confused about how to use dry shampoo? I get it. People rave about how amazing it is, but unless you’re using it right it seems to be pointless or just weighs your hair down. Chances are, you’ve been using it off and on for years but have you really understood the best way to use … Read the full article

Easiest Bubble Ponytail Tutorial

Are you a ponytail kinda gal? Looking to up your game a bit and try out a bubble ponytail? You’ve come to the right spot! I’ve loved doing this style on my own hair for years (both with and without my extensions) and now get to do them on my daughter’s hair! This ponytail hairstyle … Read the full article

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How to Fishtail Braid for Beginners [+VIDEO]

Looking to finally master a fishtail braid? No matter your hair type, this unique style is one of the most simple braids to do but it looks super complex! I’ve been asked how to do a fishtail braid for beginners, so I finally shot a tutorial for you! If you’ve hung out in my part … Read the full article

Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions Review (BFB Fill In & Classic)

Want long hair? Looking to buy hair extensions? Today I’m sharing my full review of the Barefoot Blonde Hair Extensions by Amber Fillerup, Whether you’re looking for longer hair (by using the Classics) or fuller hair (using the Fill Ins), this review is for you! It’s time for my long awaited Barefoot Blonde hair extensions … Read the full article

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5 Easy Hair Tutorials to Try Today

Last year I shared some goals I had for the year (check it out here) and I’m happy to say I accomplished just about all of them! One thing I loved doing was learning how to do my hair better (yes, this is totally vain but also fun so…) which is why I wanted to share … Read the full article