Saving for College with COUNTRY Financial

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One walk through Target and you realize we’ve hit back to school time! I love all of the fresh boxes of Crayons, array of colorful folders and all those beautiful organizational supplies.

It’s crazy to think that next year we’ll be gearing up to get Roy ready for preschool and in a blink of an eye we’ll be sending him off to college (I’m starting to pray now that he attends a school either in MN or in a really amazing city that I can travel to every week haha!).

Saving for College

Saving for College with Country financial

Because college will be here before we know it, I’m excited to partner with COUNTY Financial to talk about saving for college! Always a fun topic, right? 🙂

Let me just say this. Talking about money is never the most fun. But by talking about it and having a plan releases so much of the stress behind it!

Rishi and I decided last year that we needed to have a plan for saving for the kids’ college education. Because our goal is to pay for their schooling, we’ve started a tax advantaged savings account for both kids to get a head start on their college fund. Our hope is that by starting early and saving a little each month, we’ll have all the necessary funds for when both Roy and Penelope head off to college.

Tips for saving for college
Tips for saving for college
Tips for saving for college
penelope in home office
Tips for saving for college
roy in home office with pink desk
Tips for saving for college

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When planning out how much to save each month, we tried to figure out the average amount of money we’ll need for each kid’s education. Working backwards, we figured out how many months we have before each child will be heading to college. Then we figured out how much we would need to put away for their schooling!

Since we can’t anticipate the future and know where they’ll want to attend (or if they choose to go another route other than college!), we are doing our best to save what we can now. This way we aren’t stressed out with how we’re going to pay for college while we’re shopping for back to school items for their freshman year.

What simple steps are you taking to save for college?

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  1. Saving for college is such a scary thought. It seems so overwhelming and it’s crazy to think about it when the kids are so young! But thanks for suggesting COUNTRY Financial. I’ll definitely take a look…I always feel better about these types of decisions when I hear about how they work well with other people. 🙂


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