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10 Amazing Indoor Plant Stand Ideas for Every Type of Home

It’s no secret that I love my plants. We have everything from pilea plants to pothos to large fiddle leaf figs (and everything in between). I’m often asked, where do you put them all?! Well today, friends, I’m here to help you figure this out with 10 different indoor plant stand ideas.

With over 50 plants scattered throughout my home, I’ve had to figure out a few different places to house them! We have them on windowsills, built in shelves, dressers, hanging from the wall and on dedicated plant stands.

Plant stands are great for keeping plants in a spot perfect for their light needs. We have #2 below in a low lit spot in our bedroom for 3 of our low light plants and #1 right in front of a large glass patio door for our monstera plant that prefers more light.

Having the ability to move around your plant stands is super helpful for getting your plants the correct light!

And hanging plants are especially amazing because you don’t need to take up any floor space to add a few plants to your home! The one thing you need to remember is to only get hardy plants that don’t require drainage since you’ll ruin your walls if your pot has drainage holes.

(Or simply remove the pot from the wall, water it, and put it back after you’re sure it’s done draining.)

So without further ado, here are 10 of my favorite plant stands (or 8 + 2 hanging ones!).

Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

Indoor Plant Stands - 10 of my favorite ways to display your plants!

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1. Mid-Century White + Wood Planters

monsteara in white modern pot

We have this pot/plant stand for our Monstera and it’s one of my favorites! One thing to note is the pot and stand are separate pieces so you need to be careful when moving it.

We put felt furniture pads on the bottom so we could slide it across the floor when we need to clean or give it more/less light!

This pot doesn’t have a drainage hole so keep that in mind when purchasing it in case you have a plant that needs good drainage! We also bought a similar one for our small fiddle leaf too!

Snake plant in white and wood plant stand

I also found this similar modern plant stand on Amazon that I love! Bonus with this pot is it comes in different sizes and the stand is sold separate so you can purchase it for a pot you already own!

2. 3 Tier Plant Stand

Super inexpensive 3 tier plant stand to show off multiple plants

This is a great option for corners of rooms or nooks. Get a variety of plants shown off with one plant stand!

We have this 3 tier plant stand for indoors and it’s been a perfect addition to our home! In our last home we had it in our hallway nook in between our kids rooms.

Now in our current home we have it in our bedroom. It’s an easy and cute way to display a variety of plants!

This is an Ikea plant stand which means it’s not the easiest to put together (or maybe it’s just me, I am so bad at putting together furniture and stuff!). But it’s lasted a move and a couple years of plants on it for a couple years so it’s worth it!

3. Macrame Plant Holder

Hang those plants! Beautiful (and inexpensive) macrame plant holders from amazon!

We have these macrame plant holders in our bedroom. My mom actually gave them to me for my birthday!

I love being able to hang plants and these were so easy to hang! They work great with pothos plants since pothos hang really well. They can be used for an variety of vine style plants or really any type of plant!

Macrame plant hanger

I love indoor hanging plant stands so you can have even more plants in your home but not take up any floor space! I also have a full tutorial with how to diy a macrame plant hanger. Check it out if you want to make your own!

4. Brass Planter With Stand

Stunning gold and black plant stand for showing off that new plant baby!

I LOVE this gold and black plant stand! It’s modern look would add some glamour to any room in your house.

This simple metal plant stand is a great option for all types of plants! It’s tall enough to put under a window for plants that need a lot of sun but easy enough to move around if needed.

For those of you who love glamour this plant stand from Target is perfect!

5. Athena 3 Tier Stand

Marble and gold 3-tiered plant stand

This marble and gold plant stand is an upgrade from the IKEA one I own. 😉 Multi-tiered plant stands are my favorite because you mix and match different plants, pots, etc to create a fun look!

You don’t even have to use each shelf for plants! Use them for picture frames or cute book displays. The options are endless!

6. Gracie Oaks Taranto Mutli – Tiered Plant Stand

Wood multi-tiered plant stand

This multi-tiered plant stand is perfect for awkward spots in your home that need some sprucing up but you’re unsure what to do! You don’t even have to use each shelf for plants but you definitely could!

The top shelf is great for vine style plants like pothos or spider plants while the bottom ones are fabulous for plants like a snake plant or zz plant!

The options are endless with this multi tier indoor plant stand!

7. Multi-Layer Upright Stand

Multi-tier plant stand in 3 different heights

I love this beautiful multi layer plant stand. It comes in 3 different sizes so you could get just one or line them up together as shown here.

Mixing drooping plants with plants that grow tall make this one of my favorite plant stands in this round up!

8. Black + Wood Standing Planters

Black and wood standing planters

These mid-century wood plant stands with black pots are really similar to the white ones I shared in the beginning. I love how classy they look and know they’d add a special element of design to any room!

9. White Hanging Planter

Hanging white planter with black line pattern

When you don’t have much floor space, go for hanging! This adorable Athens white hanging planter is perfect for any room with its simple pattern.

Put a long viney plant inside to showcase it’s beauty or tall a tall plant to reach for the ceiling. Regardless of what you put in there, it’s sure to make a statement!

10. 3-Tier Utility Rolling Cart

3-tier utility rolling cart

And lastly, a simple metal bar cart! 🙂 Obviously this is not just for plants (we also have one for books in Roy’s room) but it’s perfect for your plant friends! You can easily move the cart to ensure they get enough light (or for easy watering) and it’s easy to mix and match plants!

So there you have it! 10 simple (and beautiful) indoor plant stand ideas to show off your ever growing plant collection! Which one is your favorite?

Looking for an option you can make yourself? Try this macrame plant hanger!

Be sure to check out my 7 best indoor plants for air purification post next!

Thanks for reading!

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