7 Tips Every First Time Mom Needs to Hear

Roy is now 7 months old. What the heck?! I’ve been meaning to share his birth story and more pictures and stories with you but that just hasn’t happened. Maybe someday. 🙂 But I will share 7 tips every first time mom needs to hear!

Let me start by saying I hate it when other moms give me unsolicited advice. And while this entire post is unsolicited (I know!!), it will not tell you how to parent. There’s enough judgement out there telling you what kind of parenting style you should be and that is not what this post is about.

This entire post is to help you love being a mom. To help that first not be so hard. And to help your relationship with your spouse to thrive. Some of this was shared with me by other moms, some I wish I would have known or ones that I need to remember!

7 Tips Every First Time Mom Needs to Hear

I hope this helps you!

1. Don’t have a breastfeeding “plan”. 

I didn’t have a birth plan because I heard horror stories of friends who had one and what happened when it didn’t go as planned. I did, however, have a breastfeeding plan which was simply to breastfeed for a year.

Our breastfeeding experience was pretty awful including undiagnosed thrush for 2 months and slow weight gaining (which caused a lot of stress on me) so we completley switched over to formula at 6 months (but started it at 4!).  I shared my entire experience about it on this post!

first time mom tips - Mom and baby gray casual outift

UPDATE: Breastfeeding didn’t go as planned with Penelope either. Here’s a full post on that experience too!

Everyone has different experiences with breastfeeding so if it doesn’t work for you, don’t feel bad about it! A fed baby is a happy baby!

2. Don’t stress so much.

I stressed a LOT in the first few weeks about getting Roy to sleep, figuring out why he was crying and wondering if I was doing everything wrong. I still stress out from time to time but have learned to just chill out and do the best I can.

first time mom tips - Little boy gray romper and casual mama outfit.

Sometimes babies cry simple because they’re babies, and that’s ok! As long as he’s fed, dry, and in a safe place he’s going to be just fine, even if that means I take a couple minute break from him if he just doesn’t seem to calm down.

Now when he has a day of copious amounts of crying I just take it as a sign to eat some more chocolate chips. 😉

3. Enjoy the little moments.

Babies are only little for so long. Savor the moments when they fall asleep in your arms, want to cuddle a bit longer or giggle at anything you do. It’s easy to wish away the hard days but learn to treasure the fun ones.

4. Do what’s best for you and your family.

Everyone is going to have an opinion on your kid and the way you parent. What you feed them, where they sleep, how many kids you have, how far apart they are, what kind of diapers you use….the list goes on and on. Have confidence in what you’re doing and don’t let the haters get in the way!

first time mom tips - Mama and son, gray casual outfit

And remind yourself that just because you’re doing something different than your best friend or some random mom you follow on Instagram, doesn’t mean that you (or she) is doing something wrong! If it works for you and your family (and her and her family) than that’s great!

5. Move your body!

On days that I get some exercise I am SO much happier and nicer to everyone in my family. Even a simple 20 minute workout can do wonders.

Give your little one a toy while you put on a workout video or put him in a stroller and get moving! Get up earlier or get moving during nap time. Just move!!

first time mom tips - Mom and son casual bedroom photo shoot.

6. Take time for YOU.

I used to get facials once a month because I deal with not so fun adult acne. I stopped doing it for 3-4 months after Roy was born for no reason other than not taking the time to get out of the house without my child for an hour.

I still need to get better at this but get out of the house, just you and do something relaxing. A trip to Target, an hour at a coffeeshop, a manicure or a bit of shopping can do wonders for your mental state. Trust me. 🙂

first time mom tips -Mama and son casual cuddle time on bed.

Need some ideas? Check out this post for 5 Self Care Ideas that are FREE!

7. Do date nights!

Another one we need to get better at, but take time for you and your spouse! Leave the baby with a friend or sitter and do something just the 2 of you.

Mom and baby hug

{all photos taken by Brooke Aho}

I’m sure you all have other amazing first time mom tips so I’d love to hear them! What’s something that’s kept you sane in the early days of being a mom?

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Thanks so much for reading!

With love,


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  1. You nailed it! Yes forcing myself to get out and have a date night and also taking time for myself for just an hour to myself made me feel like a real person and uplifted my mood and overall well being. Working out a a month- 6 weeksish after birth was huge. Really made me a happier loving Mom.


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