2 simple shopping tips for buying clothes

If you scroll Pinterest or any “fashion” website you’ll inevitably see lists of rules. Rules for what you can’t wear after 20. Rules for certain colors for specific seasons. There are even rules for what necklace you can wear with what neckline. The lists of rules are endless.

I hate all those rules.

I’m sure there’s good reasons behind each and every one of those rules but at the end of the day you should feel good in what you’re wearing regardless of what any rule says.

That’s why I live my life by 2 fashion related rules. These are my simple shopping tips!

1. If it brings you joy + makes you want to dance, buy it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

When you put on a dress that heaven forbid isn’t following one of the rules that you once read, but you absolutely love it and it makes you feel like a princess, than buy the dang dress!

If, however, you put on a dress and like the price of it more than the dress itself (I mean, who can resist something that is 70% off, right?!), PUT.IT.BACK.

I promise you that it’s worth spending a little extra money on something you absolutely love over something that you like just ok. You’ll feel so much more confident in something you love than in something you don’t feel good in. And confident women are stunning women regardless of which rule they’re breaking! 😉

2. If you haven’t worn it within a week of buying it, return it.

Obviously this rule has some flex if what you bought isn’t the right season or you bought it for an event but you get the idea.

{shirt | jacket | jeans}

You should be so excited to wear whatever it is you just bought that you want to wear it out of the store. If it’s still sitting in the bag a week after you got it, guess what? You probably won’t be excited to wear it EVER 6 months from now.

The next time you’re out shopping and debating about buying something think about these 2 rules, I know they’ll make a difference in what makes it into your precious closet space!

What are some of the fashion rules that you live by? I’d love to hear!

Thanks so much for reading!

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